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Clubs' Letters of Undertaking

In view of the fact that Clubs' Letters of Undertaking are widely accepted by local Authorities, the personnel of the P&I Department may assist in providing Clubs' guarantees to avoid vessels' detention or arrest. However, it is worth pointing out that more often than not, local Authorities accept Guarantee Letters issued by our Company.

Appointing lawyers and advocates

We appoint local reliable marine lawyers and advocates to get competent consultation and represent our clients' legal rights and interests at Russian Civil and Arbitration Courts, Custom's and Prosecutor's Offices as well as to obtain comprehensive consultation related to the shipping, maritime and insurance law, commercial litigation.

Local relationships

We have had extensive contacts and established good and stable relations with Harbour Masters, clerks of Marine Administrations, ports Authorities, Custom's Authorities, Ecology Committees, reliable marine lawyers and civil advocates at Novorossiysk, Tuapse, Taganrog, Yeisk, Rostov-on-Don, Temryuk, Azov and Port-Kavkaz. It helps us to fit the bills of the P&I Correspondent for the best, quickest and amicable solving of any problems with local Authorities in order to reduce claims amount.

Pro-active attendance & follow-up

Although we are always careful not to exceed our principals' instructions, we consider that it is our duty to fully assess the current situation and case development so that we may keep our principals closely advised of potential developments and liability prospects. It is quite usual for us to make careful recommendations as to the options available based on our local knowledge and experience. So, our pro-active approach (that is supported by our experience) allows us to be proud of the fact that our company is not just a "post-box".

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